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Switching blogs!


I am leaving Livejournal.

My new blog is:

It's also the home of my online portfolio:

See you around!

Feeling like a zombie

Just felt like drawing a zombie today :)

Mika Caricatures

Created a series of Mika caricatures
which we use for newsletters, flyers, and anything really :)

The Night of the Milky Way Galaxy poster

Designed a poster for Mika's performance in Japan this coming April.

Kauri Academy New Zealand Brand Identity

Created the brand identity of Kauri Academy New Zealand, a school that offers nautical, trade and english courses.


Business card:


The Geeks music CD

Designed the layout and digitally manipulated and enhanced
the photos for The Geeks' music CD.

Sens book illustration

Illustrated and designed "Sens", a book project with my friend Audrey.
"Sens" is a French picture book and is about the 5 senses.

Some illustrations that were made for the book:

here's a page sample:

The Geeks logo

Designed the logo of the Geeks,
an electro-pop performance group
that makes chiptunes/80s retro-game sounding music
and dance in colourful/geeky outfits.

My first logo studies gravitated around the bitmap nintendo game look:

The final logo that was approved focused more on the geek-aspect, than on the 80s retro aspect:

Had so much fun with the research and creation of these logos!

"We Slept Through Armageddon" page design

Did the page design for Jamie Banks' book entitled "We Slept through Armageddon"
A book about the Bahá'í faith and other religions.

This was my first full book layout ever: 250 pages.
And Jamie was very happy with the final product as well!

Created illustrations for Natcoll Design Technology's nationwide advertising campaign for 2011,
where they have been cascaded to TV ads, website, posters, prospectus, envelopes, etc.
Check out their 2011 website!

They asked me to work for them when Hamish, the Marketing and Communications Manager,
saw the illustrations I presented at Pecha Kucha Auckland.


Illustration samples:

Poster samples: